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Our business is dedicated to wildlife planning and development in the state of Texas. Over the past decade, we have helped rural landowners in the state of Texas improve the quantity and/or quality of wildlife on their properties.

The nature of the rural economy in Texas has changed vastly over the past 15 years. Previously, the basis for land value was the ability to build and support a livestock ranching program on a property. The boom of interest in wildlife and wildlife enterprises has changed the landscape of land valuation and created a new economic opportunity for many landowners. The potential for a greater economic return from a wildlife enterprise such as hunting or fishing has surpassed that of a livestock operation in many areas of the state.


If you own a piece of property and are looking to upgrade your wildlife potential, or you are seeking a piece of property to start a wildlife enterprise, we can help you reach your goals. Our staff of consultants can provide specific guidance to you regarding:

Ranch Management

Wildlife Management Plans, Habitat Management Plans, Wildlife Census, Harvest Recommendations, Real Estate Evaluations.

Breeder Pens Management
Pen Design, Herd Selection, Handling Facility Design and Construction, Herd Evaluation and Maintenance, Marketing and Sales.

DMP permits, TTT Permits, MLDP Program, ADCP permits.

Artemis Outdoors internship program offers experiences for knowledgable or inexperienced applicants interested in wildlife consultation and mamagement.


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