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Pen Design
Designing and constructing a well thought out set of breeding pens is crucial to the success of your breeding operation. Pens can be effective in all shapes and sizes – but only in particular circumstances. Will you be darting your deer or working them through a facility? Will you be artificially inseminating does in a facility where timing and the need to get deer in and out of enclosures quickly is crucial? Your business and breeding plans must be taken into account when you are designing your pen layout!

Our staff can provide guidance to you at the beginning of your operation. Mistakes can be costly to repair or rebuild.

Why not get it right the first time?


Artemis Outdoors, Inc.
Herd Selection
The nature of the deer breeding industry in the state of Texas continues to evolve. The standards for true “breeder” bucks are raised each and every year. Are you building an operation strictly for improving the herd on your property or are you primarily looking to be selling animals?
It is essential that you get good advice on purchasing the best animals for your management plan prior to having the first deer in the enclosure. Don’t settle for less than the best that can be found in the Texas deer industry, and don’t overpay for questionable genetics. The staff of Artemis Outdoors has the experience you can depend on when it comes to pedigrees and breeder stock. 

Handling Facility Design and Construction

As your breeding operation grows, it may become economically viable for you to consider constructing a deer handling facility.
Facilities have many uses, including:
1. antler removal in the fall
2. vaccinating and deworming your herd
3. caring for sick animals
4. artificial insemination of does
5. sorting and shipping deer

Facilities can speed up your deer handling jobs greatly, but they need to be designed and built with purpose.They are definitely not a “one size fits all” item. In general, the larger and more intense your breeding operation is, the more complex your handling facility may need to be. However, it is very possible to design and build a simplified version of a facility that can pay big dividends to smaller operations.

Artemis Outdoors has assisted in the design and construction process of dozens of deer handling facilities. These facilities range from small (<50 animals) operations to much larger breeders. Why waste resources on a design that is meant for many more animals? Let Artemis Outdoors help you design and build a handling facility that fits your business and management plan.

Herd Evaluation and Maintenance
You’ve built your pens, received your permit, and purchased your initial herd. Now the fun begins, right? Talk to any deer breeder and they will tell you the work has just begun. 

Maintaining the health and vigor of your herd is a daily affair. We are constantly working to make sure that our client’s herds’ receive the best veterinarian oversight available. Our experience can help to minimize problems and to overcome health challenges such as EHD and bluetongue.

Artemis Outdoors provides both evaluation and maintenance assistance to all of our clients. Evaluating the efficacy of your herd selection and breeding pairings is an annual ritual. Each month we have evaluation and maintenance meetings onsite with our clients. If your deer herd needs a change of direction to reach your goals, we can help you determine the most cost effective way to make that change. 

Marketing and Sales
When the time comes to release or sell animals, Artemis Outdoors can assist you in your marketing efforts. Our network of contacts in the Texas deer industry often provides outlets for many of our client’s animals. If you are looking to release deer onto your own property, we can help to minimize the transition stress that these animals may encounter.

We insist on the ethical treatment and care for all of the animals we work with. There are no “canned” hunts here – we believe that fair chase is something that all hunters can recognize and appreciate. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing an animal we have help care for in one of our client’s operations break through the brush of a well managed landscape for the first time…