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Artemis Outdoors diverse internship proram covers a variety of management and consultation techniques, from helicopter catches and prescribed burning to tagging fawns and antler scoring. Not to mention working with some of the biggest Whitetails you have ever seen!

Activities around a ranch are just as important as consultation. Artemis Outdoors focuses its internship program towards both aspects, ensuring applicants are knowledgable about both ranch and wildlife management.

Applicants will gain experience in: Fence construction and maintinence, cutting grass, fire break preping, controlled burning, disking, helicopter surveying, darting, releasing, fawning, weaning, cutting and scoring antlers, whitetail judging and scoring, supplemental feeding, tractor working, transporting, tagging and tattooing of faws, artificial insemination, breeding, and various ranch management tasks.
Artemis Outdoors, Inc.

If your looking to work with some of the biggest deer in the industry, then this is the Internship for you! Those looking to apply should be hard workers willing to learn and perform various physically demanding duties.

Call (361) 786-1877 for more information.

"As a recent college graduate and wildlife enthusiast I could not have asked for a better internship opportunity. Throughout my college education I have engaged in a couple of internships amongst multiple wildlife and fisheries agencies and organizations; but the experience and knowledge gained from said internships in no way compares to the wealth of knowledge, hands on experience, and vital contacts gained with Artemis. It's hard work and long hours with Artemis but the personal contacts made, critical thinking abilities developed, and the overall deer management skill set acquired will put you at the forefront of the deer industry and in the sights of future employers."

- Clayton Walker

"Working as an intern at Artemis Outdoors was the best decision I could have made after graduating from college. They gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to work in the deer breeding industry. Along with those skills after the internship they have been a great support system. The skills and knowledge I learned and the support Artemis Outdoors gave me has helped me tremendously in my career in the deer breeding industry."

- Michael Denevy, Mossy Rock Whitetails

"The internship at Artemis Outdoors is anything but easy, as hard work and long hours are common themes. However, the unparalleled experiences, insight, and connections gained throughout the program are irreplaceable. Not only has the program surpassed every expectation I had pertaining to whitetailed deer, but it has also prepared me for a career in wildlife. Being a whitetail enthusiast I could have not asked for a better experience than the one I have achieved at Artemis."

- Sam Suttle

"When I interviewed with Jamie Sells for the Artemis Outdoors internship he told me that it was an "intense program". I gladly accepted the offer to spend the next 6 1/2 months working for Artemis Outdoors and soon found out just what Mr. Sells meant by "intense program"! A few full nights of working back to back and traveling all across south Texas to work deer night after night was pretty intense but it was a very small price to pay for the vast amount of knowledge that I gained about the Whitetail Deer breeding industry! I was able to see things that I never imagined I would, hold several bucks that anyone would be jealous of, and meet many interesting people along the way. I enjoyed my experience at Artemis enough that at the end of the internship I decided to stay around for another year to see how much more knowledge I could soak up. By the time I was finished with my Artemis experience, my skill set I listed on my resume landed me a full time job not one month later! I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with Artemis Outdoors for anything. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone out there that is interested in a career in the deer breeding industry!"

- Justin Cannon, Buxton Ranch